Step 1 Defining Names

In order to ensure efficient and accurate work, you should use Names as range references in the worksheet. This is especially helpful for re-directioning in formulas, attaching lists to Combo Boxes and Validation, and for linking cells to a Combo Box object.

In worksheet 13 — Parameters & Calculations (described in Chapter 1, Introducing Financial Statements.xls Worksheets and shown in Figure 4-2), you defined Names for cells used for a cell link to a Combo Box, and for cells that contain formulas that calculate the reporting date, month and year numbers. In worksheet 14 — Months Lists (described on page 6, Chapter 1, Introducing Financial Statements.xls Worksheets), you defined a Name for the MonthsList. In worksheet 21 — Trial Balances Data (described on page 63, Chapter 3, Updating the Trial Balances Data Worksheet), you defined Names to TB_DataBase, and so on.

0 Microsoft Excel - Financial Statements tal File Edit View Insert Format Tools Data Window Help

I December 31, 2003 Data ils

ComboBox Link & Name Defined in

Formulas Cells in Column B Formula in Cells in Column B

ComboBox month selection Numberl 72 MonthSelectionNumber ComboBox Cell Link

Reports Date _1 December3T, 2003 [ReportsDate_|=INDEX(MonthsList,MonthSelectionNumber)

Reports Month Number 12 ReportsMonthNumber =MONTH(ReportsDate)

Reports Year Number_j_ 2003 ReportsYearNumber =YEAR(ReportsDate)

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