A Trial Balance contains the account-balance figures that are calculated from journal-entry transactions posted into the General Ledger.

The Trial Balance is either imported or entered directly into an Excel worksheet's cells.

In most cases, the account balance figures in Trial Balance are not the final balances of the accounts from which the Financial Statements reports can be created.

In this chapter you will learn how to add and update adjustments to the account balances, and prepare an audit-adjusted Trial Balance to be used for preparation of the Financial Statements reports.

The Financial Statements.xls workbook contains four worksheets that deal with original Trial Balance, add /update Adjustments for a final adjusted Trial Balance:

4 Worksheet 91 — Trial Balance (Original), described on page 25. 4 Worksheet 92 — Trial Balance Adjustments, described on page 29. 4 Worksheet 93 — Final Trial Balance, described on page 39. 4 Worksheet 94 — Trial Balance Audit, described on page 49.

Chapter 2

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