A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Financial Statements Using Microsoft Excel™

Financial Statements.xls, 2nd Edition

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Financial Statements Using Microsoft Excel

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Written by: Joseph Rubin, CPA

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About The Author

Joseph Rubin, CPA, principal of www.exceltip.com (a leading Excel Web site) is the author of the very successful books:

• F1 Get the Most out of Excel! The Ultimate Excel Tip Help Guide

• F1 Get the Most out of Excel Formulas & Functions The Ultimate Excel Formulas & Functions Help Guide

• Financial Statements.xls

A Step by Step Guide on Creating Financial Statements Using Microsoft Excel

Joseph Rubin has over 27 years of financial experience in the accounting industry. He has served as CFO, Controller and has run his own CPA practice for many years. Joseph Rubin, CPA, is an independent consultant specializing in the development of applications using Microsoft Excel for the financial industry and has instructed thousands of professionals on Microsoft Excel.

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This book is dedicated to my family, my wife, and my three children.

Joseph Rubin

Why I Wrote This Book

During the last eight years, I have been teaching thousands of finance professionals and heavy Excel users through a unique course I created specifically for the needs of finance professionals.

The experience gained in teaching, consulting and developing financial applications for finance professionals such as CPAs, controllers, economists, accountants and others provided me with an understanding of their experience with the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program, as well as their needs, weak points, and competency level.

My conclusions:

4 Excel is widely used to create Financial Statements, as well as many other types of financial reports, such as Budget, Forecast, Cash Flow, Ratio Analysis, Financial models, business scenarios and various types of analysis reports that present the company's business performance. There is hardly any financial professional who does not create, prepare, print and/or send a variety of reports, while making extensive use of the Microsoft Excel application.

4 Most Excel users use the program inefficiently, creating too many workbooks and preparing complicated reports that contain too many links between workbooks while using formulas haphazardly. Extensive hours are then invested on updating and auditing.

In the books I have written, F1 — Get the Most out of Excel! The Ultimate Excel Tip Help Guide, Financial Statements.xls, and Mr Excel on Excel, I focused on writing straightforward solutions for professionals that might help other Excel users to learn the best techniques needed to create financial reports and Financial Statements, with an in-depth explanation of the appropriate use of techniques for creating full, concise and smart financial documents.

Joseph Rubin, CPA

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