An Array Formula

Each of these reasons will be discussed in the following sections.

ROUND Formula and Rounding to the Thousands

The ROUND formula here is: =ROUND(C12:C15,-3)

In the second argument of the ROUND formula, the value is -3, which rounds the number in cell C12 (as an example) from 301124.065 to 301000.

The -3 in the second argument changes the three digits (hundreds, tens and ones) to zeros. The number format in the cell (which is #,###,) does not present the three digits after the comma, which are three zeros (000).

The final result from using both the ROUND formula and Custom Formatting displays 301 in the cell, as shown.

Figure 11-3: ROUND Formula Arguments

An Array Formula

Pressing <Ctrl+Shift+Enter> while the cell is in edit mode (by pressing <F2>) executes a macro that opens temporary cells in the memory to which the rounded numbers in the formula range are stored. The formula then returns the summary of the rounded numbers from the stored numbers and not the summary from the numbers displayed in the worksheet cells.

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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