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In his 1995 book, Point & Figure Charting (John Wiley & Sons), Thomas J. Dorsey espouses the Chartcraft method of 3 point reversal charting of stocks. He also discusses point and figure application to commodity and options trading. In addition to explaining how to construct and read the charts, Dorsey also shows how the P&F technique can be applied to relative strength analysis, sector analysis, and in the construction of an NYSE Bullish Percent Index. He shows how p&f charts can be constructed for the NYSE advance decline line, the NYSE High-Low Index, and the percentage of stocks over their 10 and 30 week averages. Dorsey credits Michael Burke, the publisher of Chartcraft, (Chartcraft, Inc., Investors Intelligence, 30 Church Street, New Rochelle, N.Y. 10801) with the actual development of these innovative p&f indicators which are available in that chart service.

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