PRIVACY ACT/PAPERWORK ACT NOTICE: The information requested on this form is authorized by the Social Security Act, Sections 205(a) and 1631(e)(A) and (B), and Title 20 CFR 404.1589 and 416.989. The information provided will be used to further document your claim and permit a determination about your continuing disability. Information requested on this form is voluntary. However, if you do not provide the required information, a decision based on the evidence in your file can result in a determination that your period of disability is ceased. While the information you furnish on this form would almost never be used for any purpose other than making a determination about your disability, such information may be disclosed by SSA for the following purposes: (1) To assist SSA iff determining the right to Social Security benefits for yourself or another person; (2) To facilitate statistical research and audit activities necessary to assure the integrity and improvement of programs administered by the Social Security Administration, and (3) to comply with laws and regulations requiring the exchange of information between the Social Security Administration and another agency. These and other reasons why information about you may be used or given out are explained in the Federal Register. If you would like more information about this, get in touch with any Social Security office.

Please use this form to describe your disabling condition since (date disability began or, if later, date of prior investigation.) ————

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Prosperity Pursuit

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