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Trend 2 Search Engines Are Getting Better

The various search engines are in competition with each other big time. They want to be the biggest and fastest Internet database while returning the most relevant search results. Search engines, such as AltaVista, are also being redesigned to meet searchers' needs. Chapter 1 contains more detailed information about the current state of search engines. While the results generated by search engines are becoming more relevant, it is unfortunately getting harder to tell which results are the real results generated by your search and which results are paid for by advertisers. While we have no problem with search engines selling sponsored links, they must be clearly identified as such. Google is an example of a search engine that does an excellent job of clearly identifying these ads by segregating them in a colored box and clearly labeling them Sponsored links. Other search engines do not make this distinction so clearly. Some include the advertisers links at the top of the search results...

What about Those Meta Search Engines

Meta search engines are tools that search multiple search engines simultaneously. Lots of meta search engines exist, but the editors of SearchDay ( searchday) report that InfoSpace is the industry gorilla, because it operates the two best known meta search engines, Dogpile and Metacrawler. It is interesting to note that results from both Dogpile and Metacrawer are identical, but with one big exception. Webcrawler results are ad free and banner free.15 15 The Big Four Meta Search Engines. SearchDay, September 17, 2002, Number 357. According to InfoSpace's York Baur, Dogpile is designed as a mainstream consumer site, with a simple presentation. Search results are grouped by the search engine from which they were found. Says Baur, This presentation makes it easy to compare and contrast results from different search engines for the same query, and is one of Dogpile's most useful features. On the other hand, Metacrawler is a hardcore site for the sophisticated...

Internet Search Engines

The Web has become so extensive with so much information available to the user that often one literally does not know where to look. Consequently, search engines were created to help users navigate the Web. Search engines like Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos, Google, and Northernlight constantly explore the Web, indexing each site. When presented with key words or a topic to be searched, they provide the user with a list and description of each site that contains the information requested in the search. The search results also display the hypertext links to the sites found, enabling the user to click on and immediately go to those sites that seem most promising.

Searching the Internet

Efficient and effective Internet research depends on the skill of the researcher. It takes time to develop a feel for the Internet, as well as know where to turn for information. Even though we devote a lot of our time to research, we still find it challenging to keep up with the changes in sources as well as search tools and techniques. Because it is so important to know how to use the tools that will help you find information on the Internet, we've started out this book with a chapter on search engines. While you may bookmark many (if not all ) of the sites in this book, chances are that you will still need to use search engines and directories to find additional material for a specific research project. We've said it before and we'll say it again, search engines and search directories aren't the same Directories or portals, such as Yahoo , are smaller subsets of the entire Internet. Each site on a portal is hand-selected by a human, and in Yahoo 's case, classified into...

Search Results And Paid Placement

In order to stay afloat financially, most search engines and directories, such as AOL, Yahoo , and MSN, are accepting payment from Website owners to ensure that their sites are ranked higher in the list of returned search results. Lauri-anne McLaughlin reports in the July 2002 issue of PC World that from the list of retrieved results from an MSN search, the Featured Sites are a combination pages from three sources advertisers who have paid to be there other sites that, like MSN, are owned by Microsoft and sites that are just plain useful. MSN doesn't identify which links come from which category. Sponsored Sites consist entirely of spots paid for by advertisers. 7 7 McLaughlin, Laurianne. The Straight Story on Search Engines. PC World, July 2002. Available at For example, if Jan paid Yahoo somewhere between 50 and 300 per month, her company's Website, would supposedly be placed at the top of the search results, as a sponsored site for a search such as valuation...

Use That Advanced Search Feature

Most people simply put their search terms in the box presented on the first page of the search engines' home page. We used to promote Boolean searching, that is, the use of and, or, and quotation marks. While searchers can still use these Boolean terms for more precise searching, it is just as easy to use each search engine's advanced search feature (see Exhibit 1.8). In fact, the search engine developers prefer it. Search directories, such as Yahoo , also have advanced search options (see Exhibit 1.9). So what does Advanced Search mean The advanced search page of a search engine provides you with a template that allows you to create a specific search query that usually results in more relevant search results. You can search for a phrase, such as restaurant industry, add the word forecast, and limit your results to those pages added to the Internet in the six months after the first of the year, in the United States (see Exhibit 1.10). Another interesting way to limit your search...

How do nations get technological advantage

Technological innovation is one of the driving forces of modern capitalism, and arguably the main one. We do not mean by this that those who develop or first introduce a new technology are necessarily those who dominate the economy. The race may go not to the technologically strongest, but to those with the sharpest commercial nose, or the best organised to exploit the new technology. Google did not invent or introduce the search engine but they thought of a refinement that would help it to serve the searcher better. Dell have done little to make computers better, but they were the first to introduce the techniques of e-business effectively for selling them and (starting from the sale) organising the supply chain. Both firms needed to master one or more novel areas of information and communication technology (ICT) in order to introduce their 'commercial' or 'organisational' innovations. For us, that is technological enough.

Consumer Advocacy And Protection

Before the advent of the World Wide Web, it was difficult for individuals or small groups, which lacked the resources of major corporations, to make their voices heard over their targets' advertising messages. ''But the Internet has created a level playing field for advocacy,'' Reeve wrote. With little more than a personal computer and a subscription to an Internet service provider, anyone can open a site on the World Wide Web and say more or less whatever they like.'' Current and potential customers of major corporations typically use common Internet search engines to access the companies' carefully prepared home pages. Yet these search engines also lead the customers to sites created by protesters that are filled with complaints and allegations against the companies, ranging from the use of child labor to the exploitation of resources in less-developed countries. Thus, for consumer advocates, ''the Internet means a new freedom to take on the mightiest corporations, in an environment...

Wwwmergentcom Feebased site

A top-of-the-line product, Mergent Online (formerly FISonline) provides access to one of the most detailed and comprehensive global company databases available. Formerly known as Moody's Financial Information Services, Mergent has been publishing detailed business descriptions, corporate histories, and financial statements since 1900, and all modules offer a robust search engine for sophisticated searching. Subscribers can tailor their subscriptions by selecting from a variety of data modules, which include

The Internet What It Can Do and What It Cant

The proliferation of websites and Internet search engines has led to undoubtedly the largest misunderstanding of what constitutes an effective due diligence tool. Many institutions now question the value of so-called pay databases and completely ignore manual searches. Why The power of Google, Yahoo, and other web-based products to convince people that everything can now be had on the web is incredible. It is no mystery why even sophisticated financial people may be led to believe that the Web harnesses previously unforeseen and now unsurpassed power. The real question that arises is whether this very real information source, or agglomeration of sources, has any value in hedge fund manager due diligence.

What The Internet Can Do

Identifying potential interview sources. News searches typically are the best way to find a manager's former colleagues, given the breadth of their coverage, time-wise, combined with the narrow focus afforded to you via search terms (allowing you to search via company all the way down to a unit of a division of a subsidiary of the overall company). As a means of augmenting these news searches, however, Web searches can be valuable. Googling the company for which the subject worked, and being as specific as possible regarding departments, divisions, groups, and the like, can yield a variety of mentions, some of which will include a former colleague who can then be located and contacted.

Riding the Internet Wave

For the past few years, no self-respecting organization, nonprofit or forprofit, would consider itself a with-it marketer if it did not have a Web site. Web sites (www.organization's name or abbreviation.web extension) are a legitimate and easy way to get a message across to thousands of people, if they know where to look however, the agency's Web address and the key words to describe it only go so far and can place it among hundreds of other organizations when these words are input into a search engine. One way to overcome this dilemma is to advertise a Web address on letterhead, business cards, and every piece of printed material that is meant for the public. A small ad in the local newspaper or the nonprofit's professional periodical will also lead viewers to the nonprofit's Web site.

How Do You Find Sources Current Contact Information

Search Nexis news files, or a file named Finder, located in a Lexis library. If this fails to reveal useful information and the person has a common last name, google or dogpile (a search engine combiner, of sorts) their last name and a key word, like the name of the company where they worked or arbitrage, say, something related to what they do. Sometimes this will bring up a wedding announcement that provides another family member's name, who might have a listed number.

Websites for International Business Research

Don't overlook county-specific general search engines like Google as a resource for tracking down business information. Google offers international researchers a suite of language tools (access them by clicking on the language tools link on the Google home page The language tools include a translation program for the translation of text on Web pages and an option to set the Google interface to a selected language. (There are over 80 language choices, including pig latin.) The language tools page also includes a link to the 45 country-specific Google sites like Google U.K. at and Google Liechtenstein at

Working papers and literature on the internet

Unfortunately, the lag between a paper being written and it actually being published in a journal is often 2-3 years (and increasing fast), so that research in even the most recent issues of the published journals will be somewhat dated. Additionally, many securities firms, banks and central banks across the world, produce high quality research output in report form, which they often do not bother to try to publish. Much of this is now available on the internet, so it is worth conducting searches with keywords using readily available web search engines. A few suggestions for places to start are given in table 13.2.

Estate and Gift Taxes

Extraordinarily complex and rarely triggered, it is not discussed further in this book.) Both of these taxes are imposed on the transferor of property, not on the recipients, and are based on the fair market value of the property transferred. In addition, both use the same tax rates. (For more information on this and other topics, check Web sites mentioned previously, like, or go to the IRS Web site and see IRS Publication 950, Introduction to Estate and Gift Taxes. For example, see what you get when you go to the IRS Web site, click on Forms and Publications, click on Search for a Form or Publications, and input the term gift tax into the search engine.)


We have more sophisticated ways of searching the Internet, yet we must be aware of the 'net's limitations. Where we begin our research is important, as well as how we search for the information we need. In many cases more than one search engine needs to be used, and in other cases, a fee-based service should be used instead a free one.

Find Law

Law Crawler, found at http, is a powerful Web search tool that reaches beyond Find Law and searches additional law-related sites such as those from law schools and governments. You can narrow your search results by limiting the search by site type and or geographic by clicking on More Searches and Databases at the search box.

First Gov

FirstGov is the official U.S. gateway to all government information. The site is a search engine and topical directory to millions of Web pages from the federal government, local and tribal governments, and foreign nations around the world. The site organizes information by subject, rather than by agency (see Exhibit 2.4).


Many students at Cass Business School, City University, assisted with the book in an indirect way by challenging ideas during lectures and case study sessions. However, several stand out for their special contributions such as chasing up data, reading proofs and conducting web searches Randeep Brar, Olga Bouchina, Katrin Fuchs, Paul Sawh and Olga Vysokova.


Other areas where hedge fund managers have had some history, according to our experience, include Massachusetts, Virginia, and perhaps surprisingly, Florida. Massachusetts and Florida state courts are not covered by State Docket at all. Virginia's criminal courts are not part of the State Docket system its civil court records are, though they are slightly dated (typically within a month or two of current, again necessitating a manual search). Virginia, like a number of states (again, refer to the Court Coverage Chart for other states' web systems), also has several web-based search engines outside of Lexis's state docket mechanism. These, unfortunately, are of limited application. One, located at http courtinfo vacircuit select.jsp court, is a civil criminal docket search engine, which according to the site, is the case management system for circuit courts in Virginia. This is a project with a limited number of courts. Cases may be searched using name, case number, or...

Public Company Data

10k Wizard is no longer a free site, but it is definitely still worth using. 10k Wizard's robust search engine allows for precise searching and printing. Researchers can search across the entire EDGAR database by SIC code, phrases, names, form types, date, ticker symbol, partial company name, and keywords. The full-text retrieval tool also allows for the use of the Boolean operators And, Or, and Not. This advanced search feature is handy when one wants to find a specific filing for a particular company or the instances of certain keywords within a filing. Subscription fees are 150 per year, 25 per month, or 50 per quarter.


As the Internet grew, more capability was added. A program called Telnet allowed remote users to run programs and computers at other sites. The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allowed users to transfer data files and programs. Gopher programs, developed at the University of Minnesota and named after the university's mascot, allowed menu-driven access to data resources on the Internet. Search engines such as Archie and Wide Area Index Search (WAIS) gave users the ability to search the Internet's numerous libraries and indices. By the 1980s people at universities, research laboratories, private companies, and libraries were aided by a networking revolution. There were more than thirty thousand host computers and modems on the Internet. The forerunner of the Internet was the Bitnet, which was a As a result of Berners-Lee's invention, in 1993 a group at the University of Illinois, headed by Mark Andreesen, wrote a graphical application called Mosaic to make use of the Web easier. The next...


Portals Intranets are continually changing as more uses are found for Web-based information. A recent innovation is a portal, a search engine that includes easy links to all kinds of resources, from weather to stock pricess to late-breaking news. The search engines Yahoo, Excite, AltaVista, Lycos and many others have evolved into portals in their ever-increasing quest to obtain more users. Now corporate portals are being developed so that when employees use their intranet they easily and quickly find relevant information. Guglielmo (1998) described a corporate portal


Global Securities Information Inc.'s LIVEDGAR provides reasonably priced access to EDGAR documents. LIVEDGAR is well known for its sophisticated yet easy-to-navigate search interface and a powerful search engine that allows users to search across the entire EDGAR database by SIC code, phrases, names, form types, date, ticker symbol, partial company name, and keywords. Boolean operators such as And, Or, Not, To, and the wild cards and * can be used. Furthermore, proximity operators such as W n and P n allow researchers to develop very specific concept searches.

Public Records

Many governments have put public records online, however these records may exist in databases that are part of the Invisible Web, that is, Web pages that cannot be found by search engines. Therefore, it is necessary to check sites such as The Search Systems Public Records Locator. In addition, some public records are just too difficult to obtain on your own because of logistical or time constraints. A service like KnowX collects public records from dozens of jurisdictions, indexes them, and provides them to the public for a fee.

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