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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

5 Minute Learning Machine

Jack Singer the author of The advancement of learning guide, has also been involved in writing other books about certain tricks to learn in life. The product is a comprehensive, self-paced, user-friendly, enhanced-reading and advanced learning techniques program. The product is a program that gives you a chance to liberate the undiscovered brilliance unlocked inside of you. Get to experience a real phenomenal memory. This product does not entail techniques or a mechanistic experiment that reveals the study of and development of systems for improving and assisting the memory. The list goes on about what pending problems you can solve with this program. These problems include; Math problems- you can thus be able to solve a whole world of math-mystery. It entails the simple secret of how to avoid 20 percent of all math errors worth your time! business-mystery, and financial mysteries. All opened up from one simple change in your work habits. Minimal concentration do you wish to develop total concentration?. The guide issues you with a simple routine to help you get down to work instantly. You can then absorb huge amounts of information easily even in a room filled with howling children. The package comes in form of an e-book, acquired online. It is intended for men and women of ages. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook
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Black Belt Memory

Black Belt Memory is a product aimed at helping the users have retentive memories in just 21 days. The methods are easy to use that the users can learn it at home. The only difference it has from other self-help program is the follow-up model it uses to track the user's progress. After the users have completed the course, they will get the chance to practice what they have learned by participating in a sort of quiz competition. This quiz competition will either make the designer give the user's certificate or ask the user's to go through the lessons again. This makes it fit for the users to understand it and make them follow the instructions given. The certification is simply a means to help the users stay on track but can do more than that. The users can frame the certificate, hang it on the wall for well-wishers to know. The product is perfect for adults and children over the age of five. It is not one that uses the regular rote memory type of recollection. It uses a systematic way of ensuring the users remember the details the user's need to remember. At the end of the program, the users are guaranteed that their brain will be 300% sharper. Read more here...

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Contents: Online Course
Creator: Ron White
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Learning How to Approach New Problems

Theme Number Two This book is not just about teaching finance. It also wants to teach you how to approach novel l_earn how to a p cach problems. That is, it would rather not merely fill your memory with a collection of formulas and . facts which you could promptly forget after the final exam. Instead, you should understand why it is that you are doing what you are doing, and how you can logically deduce it for yourself when you do not have this book around. The goal is to eliminate the deus ex machina the god that was lowered onto the stage to magically and illogically solve all intractable problems in Greek tragedies. You should understand where the formulas in this book come from, and how you can approach new problems by developing your own formulas. Learning how to logically progress when tackling tough problems is useful, not only in finance, but also in many other disciplines and in your life more generally.

Adding Domain Knowledge through Rules

The symbolic school of artificial intelligence made a real contribution to application development with the invention of the rule-based expert system. An expert system combines knowledge, usually represented as a set of if-then rules, an inference engine, which contains the program logic, and a working memory or workspace (Rich and Knight 1991). In forward chaining, the expert system starts with a set of data. The rule set is evaluated by testing the antecedents, the if part, of each rule. Depending on the type of inference engine used, one rule is selected to fire using a selection process called conflict resolution. Factors such as how specific the rule is (how many antecedent clauses it has), how recent the working memory values are, whether the rule has just fired, and even rule priorities are used to determine which rule is chosen. The consequent or action part of the rule is then performed. This action will usually change one or more variables in the working memory. Another...

Dynamics of Financial Time Series in an Inhomogeneous Aggregation Framework

In this paper we provide a microeconomic model to investigate the long term memory of financial time series of one share. In the framework we propose, each trader selects a volume of shares to trade and a strategy. Strategies differ for the proportion of fundamentalist chartist evaluation of price. The share price is determined by the aggregate price. The analyses of volume distribution give an insight of imitative structure among traders. The main property of this model is the functional relation between its parameters at the micro and macro level. This allows an immediate calibration of the model to the long memory degree of the time series under examination, therefore opening the way to understanding the emergence of stylized facts of the market through opinion aggregation.

Quick Lesson in Categorizing

This concept makes many of my clients exclaim, Why didn't I think of that That's so obvious, and such an improvement Simply put It's filing by category instead of alphabetically. Look at Figure 5.4 for a comparison. The beauty of categorizing instead of alphabetizing is that it relies on your logic, not your memory.

Summary And Conclusions

This chapter serves a number of purposes. First, it is a high-level summary of the PDE and FDM techniques of the earlier part of this book. Second, it discusses a number of alternative schemes to use when approximating the solution of PDE-based pricing models. Finally, the results in this chapter will be mapped in the chapters that follow to a form that is suitable for design and implementation in C++. This chapter can be read on a regular basis to refresh your memory on PDE and FDM techniques.

Interview with Patrick M Georges how can executives improve their personal productivity

Patrick Georges The problem is linked to some specific characteristics of the human brain. Its concentration span is short. Its recognition of form is imperfect and biased. Its short-term memory can only hold very little information at any one time. Its long-term memory stores the information in its own way and often forgets what stock it carries. The brain processes information slowly. It can only do one thing well at a time and is easily overworked. Patrick Georges Unfortunately, there is no wonder weapon available. But if you understand how the brain is working, you can achieve tremendous results. The key to unearth the full potential of a person's intellectual capacities is to provide better support throughout the various stages of the thought process. And this means you have to increase the power of concentration, focus attention, optimize the perception of forms, better organize the short-term memory, and better organize the knowledge stored in the long-term memory. juergen Daum...

In for the Count

But the optimal strategy is still not enough without the second key. You've probably heard of the phrase card counter and conjured up images of Doc Holliday in a ten-gallon hat. The truth is more mundane. Card counting is not about memorizing entire decks of cards, but about keeping track of the type and percentage of cards remaining in the deck during your time at the blackjack table. Unlike roulette, blackjack has memory . What happens during one hand depends on the previous hands and the cards that have already been dealt out.

The Workbook

As we have mentioned, many sections in this workbook contain mathematical formulas and calculations. It is important that you understand the formulas and feel comfortable making these computations. It is not critical that you memorize every formula. The goal of these sections is to help you recognize the relevant information contained in a problem and be able to input that data into your calculator. Whenever possible, we will also discuss the calculations that can be made on a business calculator. In those cases, you will need to review your owner's manual for the specific instructions for your calculator.

Quick Summary

You see, old-time printers used to set type by hand and actually picked letters individually out of a box. To pass the course, my fellow middle schoolers and I were forced to memorize the location of these letters. The letters in the bottom row were V-U-T, then something called a 3em-space, followed by the letters A-R. We remembered

Architecture of ANN

Architecture, in this context, refers to the entire structural design of the ANN, including the input layer, hidden layer, and output layer. It involves determining the appropriate number of neurons required for each layer and also the appropriate number of layers within the hidden layer. The logic of the backpropagation method is the hidden layer. The hidden layer can be considered as the crux of the backpropagation method. This is because the hidden layer can extract higher-level features and facilitate generalization, if the input vectors have low-level features of a problem domain or if the output input relationship is complex. The fewer the hidden units, the better is the ANN able to generalize. It is important not to overfit the ANN with a larger number of hidden units than required until it can memorize the data. This is because the nature of the hidden units is like a storage device. It learns noise present in the training set, as well as the key structures. No generalization...

Facilities audit

You may find you already have resources you do not need. You should either put them to use or dispose of them if they cannot be pressed into service soon. They will only increase the fixed-asset base of the business, tie up capital unnecessarily and make it harder to achieve your ROCE objective. (Look back at Chapter 5 to refresh your memory.)

Narrating Your Video

After you've determined the details your insurance company would require of you in the event of a claim, add a column or line to your inventory for each category of information and fill in as many of these details as you can from the paperwork in your Room by Room files, your video, and your memory.

Other Tips

Tip 7 Develop your own short-hand, and stick with it. This will help you record discussions, while keeping the tone conversational. As soon as the interview ends, fill in your notes with specifics, as this moment of clarity will recede as time and interruptions take their inevitable toll on your memory.

Fuzzy Rules

One of the prime success areas of work in artificial intelligence has been in the form of rule-based expert systems. Expert systems consist of three parts a set of if-then rules called the knowledge base a program called an inference engine, which processes the rules and external input data and a working memory area that is used to store information about the current state.

Strategic Management

In some organizations, employees are required to memorize the mission statement so that they will understand what is appropriate behavior and what is not. For this reason, most mission statements are relatively short so that the purpose of the company remains clearly in the minds of its employees. Further, many companies seek the input of their employees in creating a mission statement so as to create a document that is owned by all.

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