The BottomUp Approach

Because we are ignoring any financing expenses, such as interest, in our calculations of project OCF, we can write project net income as:

Project net income = EBIT - Taxes = $200 - 68 = $132

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332 PART FOUR Capital Budgeting

If we simply add the depreciation to both sides, we arrive at a slightly different and very common expression for OCF:

OCF = Net Income + Depreciation

This is the bottom-up approach. Here, we start with the accountant's bottom line (net income) and add back any noncash deductions such as depreciation. It is crucial to remember that this definition of operating cash flow as net income plus depreciation is correct only if there is no interest expense subtracted in the calculation of net income.

For the shark attractant project, net income was $21,780 and depreciation was $30,000, so the bottom-up calculation is:

This is exactly the same OCF we had previously.

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