This increasingly important topic is presented at a level appropriate for an introductory class.

New chapter! Covers the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Formula in depth and illustrates many applications in corporate finance.

Updated to include important, new rules regarding pooling of interests and goodwill.

In addition to illustrating pertinent concepts and presenting up-to-date coverage, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance strives to present the material in a way that makes it coherent and easy to understand. To meet the varied needs of the intended audience, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance is rich in valuable learning tools and support.

Chapter-opening vignettes Vignettes drawn from real-world events introduce students to the chapter concepts. Questions about these vignettes are posed to the reader to ensure understanding of the concepts in the end-of-chapter material. For examples, see Chapter 5, page 129; Chapter 6, page 157.

Pedagogical use of color

This learning tool continues to be an important feature of Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. In almost every chapter, color plays an extensive, nonschematic, and largely self-evident role. A guide to the functional use of color is found on the endsheets of both the Annotated Instructor's Edition (AIE) and student version. For examples of this technique, see Chapter 3, page 58; Chapter 9, page 295.

NPV Profiles for Mutually Exclusive Investments

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