PART SIX Cost of Capital and Long-Term Financial Policy

The Company

The Offering Listing

Shares Outstanding

Use of Proceeds

Erlanger and Ritter, Investment Bankers July 12, 2002

Prospectus Summary

The Pest Investigation Control Corporation (PICC) breeds and markets toads and tree frogs as ecologically safe insect-control mechanisms.

200,000 shares of common stock, no par value.

The Company will seek listing on Nasdaq and will trade over the counter.

As of June 30, 2002, 400,000 shares of common stock were outstanding. After the offering, 600,000 shares of common stock will be outstanding.

To finance expansion of inventory and receivables and general working capital, and to pay for country club memberships for certain finance professors.

Selected Financial Information (amounts in thousands except per-share data)

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