This edition of Fundamentals has more options than ever in terms of the textbook, instructor supplements, student supplements, and multimedia products. Mix and match to create a package that is perfect for your course!

Textbook As with the previous edition, we are offering two versions of this text, both of which are packaged with an exciting student CD-ROM (see description under "Student Supplements"):

• 0072469749 Standard Edition (22 Chapters)

• 0072469870 Alternate Edition (26 Chapters)

Instructor Supplements

Annotated Instructor's Edition (AIE) ISBN 0072469870

All your teaching resources are tied together here! This handy resource contains extensive references to the Instructor's Manual regarding lecture tips, ethics notes, Internet references, international notes, and the availability of teaching PowerPoint slides. The lecture tips vary in content and purpose—providing an alternative perspective on a subject, suggesting important points to be stressed, giving further examples, or recommending other readings. The ethics notes present background on topics that motivate classroom discussion of finance-related ethical issues. Other annotations include notes for the Real-World Tips, Concept Questions, Self-Test Problems, End-of-Chapter Problems, Videos, references to the Cases in Finance text by Jim DeMello; and answers to the end-of-chapter problems.

Instructor's Manual ISBN 0072469900

prepared by Cheri Etling, University of Tampa

A great place to find new lecture ideas! The IM has three main sections. The first section contains a chapter outline and other lecture materials designed for use with the Annotated Instructor's Edition. The annotated outline for each chapter includes lecture tips, real-world tips, ethics notes, suggested PowerPoint slides, and when appropriate, a video synopsis. Detailed solutions for all end-of-chapter problems appear in section two, with selected transparency masters in section three.

Test Bank ISBN 0072469919

prepared by David Kuipers, Texas Tech University

Great format for a better testing process! The Sixth Edition Test Bank has been updated and reorganized to closely link with the text material. Each chapter is divided into four parts. Part I contains questions that test the understanding of the key terms in the book. Part II includes questions patterned after the learning objectives, concept questions, chapter-opening vignettes, boxes, and highlighted phrases. Part III contains multiple-choice and true/false problems patterned after the end-of-chapter questions, in basic,

intermediate, and challenge levels. Part IV provides essay questions to test problemsolving skills and more advanced understanding of concepts.

Computerized Testing Software ISBN 0072469862 (Windows)

Create your own tests in a snap! This software includes an easy-to-use menu system which allows quick access to all the powerful features available. The Keyword Search option lets you browse through the question bank for problems containing a specific word or phrase. Password protection is available for saved tests or for the entire database. Questions can be added, modified, or deleted.

Transparency Acetates ISBN 0072469919

prepared by Cheri Etling, University of Tampa

Add visuals to your lectures! This package includes over 300 Teaching Transparencies for use with this text. The acetates are supplemental exhibits and examples, in addition to selected figures and tables from the text.

PowerPoint Presentation System ISBN 0072469803

prepared by Cheri Etling, University of Tampa

Customize our content for your course! This presentation has been thoroughly revised to include more lecture-oriented slides, as well as exhibits and examples both from the book and from outside sources. Applicable slides have Web links that take you directly to specific Internet sites, or a spreadsheet link to show an example in Excel. You can also go to the Notes Page function for more tips in presenting the slides. If you already have PowerPoint installed on your PC, you have the ability to edit, print, or rearrange the complete transparency presentation to meet your specific needs.

Instructor's CD-ROM ISBN 0072469927

Keep all the supplements in one place! This CD contains all the necessary supplements—Instructor's Manual, Test Bank, and PowerPoint—all in one useful product in an electronic format.

Videos ISBN 0072469773

Completely new set of videos on hot topics! McGraw-Hill/Irwin produced a series of finance videos that are 10-minute case studies on topics such as Financial Markets, Careers, Rightsizing, Capital Budgeting, EVA (Economic Value Added), Mergers and Acquisitions, and International Finance.

Student Supplements

New! Self-Study Software CD-ROM

Packaged free with every new copy of the book! This CD-ROM for students contains many features to help students learn corporate finance:

• Self-Study software was prepared by David Kuipers, Texas Tech University. With the self-study program, students can test their knowledge of one chapter or a number of chapters by using questions written specifically for this text. There are at least 100 questions per chapter.

Student Problem Manual ISBN 0072469765

prepared by Thomas Eyssell, University of Missouri-St. Louis Need additional reinforcement of the concepts? This valuable resource provides students with additional problems for practice. Each chapter begins with Concepts for Review, followed by Chapter Highlights. These re-emphasize the key terms and concepts in the chapter. A short Concept Test, averaging 10 questions and answers, appears next. Each chapter concludes with additional problems for the student to review. Answers to these problems appear at the end of the Student Problem Manual.

Ready Notes ISBN 0072469757

Improved listening and attention = improved retention! This innovative student supplement, first introduced by Irwin, provides students with an inexpensive note-taking system that contains a reduced copy of every transparency in the acetate package. With a copy of each transparency in front of them, students can listen and record your comments about each point instead of hurriedly copying the transparency into their notebooks. Ask your McGraw-Hill/Irwin representative about packaging options.

Technology Products

RWJ Home Page

Invaluable resource! This home page now includes a variety of features:

• Teaching Support The basic page includes basic product and author information, an instructor resource section to find current events in finance and teaching tips, and a student resources section with quizzes and other interesting links related to corporate finance.

• Student Support Continue testing your knowledge of corporate finance by taking quizzes posted on the site. Also, learn about the companies you read about in the book by linking to their homepages.

• On-line Learning Center The On-line Learning Center (OLC) under the Instructor Resource heading is a password-protected site for adopters of the book only. This site includes the instructor's supplements in an easy on-line format. Go to this site to register for the password.

PageOut! Preview us at

Create a Web page for your course using our resources! This Web page generation software, free to adopters, is designed to help professors develop Web pages for their courses. In just a few minutes, a rich Web page will be created for you. Simply type your material into the template provided, and PageOut instantly converts it to HTML—a universal Web language. Next, choose your favorite of 16 easy-to-navigate designs, and your Web homepage is created, complete with an online syllabus, lecture notes, and bookmarks. You can even include a separate instructor page and an assignment page. PageOut offers enhanced point-and-click features, including a Syllabus Page that applies real-world links to original text material, an automated grade book, and a discussion board where instructors and your students can exchange questions and post announcements.

To borrow a phrase, writing an introductory finance textbook is easy—all you do is sit down at a word processor and open a vein. We never would have completed this book without the incredible amount of help and support we received from literally hundreds of our colleagues, students, editors, family members, and friends. We would like to thank, without implicating, all of you.

Clearly, our greatest debt is to our many colleagues (and their students) who, like us, wanted to try an alternative to what they were using and made the decision to change. Needless to say, without this support, we would not be publishing a sixth edition!

A great many of our colleagues read the drafts of our first and subsequent editions. The fact that this book has so little in common with our earliest drafts, along with the many changes and improvements we have made over the years, is a reflection of the value we placed on the many comments and suggestions that we received. To the following reviewers, then, we are grateful for their many contributions:

Robert Benecke

Jennifer R. Frazier

Scott Besley

A. Steven Graham

Sanjai Bhaghat

Darryl E. J. Gurley

William Brent

David Harraway

Ray Brooks

John M. Harris, Jr.

Charles C. Brown

R. Stevenson Hawkey

Mary Chaffin

Delvin D. Hawley

Barbara J. Childs

Robert C. Higgins

Charles M. Cox

Steve Isberg

Michael Dorigan

James Jackson

Michael Dunn

James M. Johnson

Adrian C. Edwards

Randy Jorgensen

Steve Engel

Jarl G. Kallberg

Cheri Etling

David N. Ketcher

Thomas H. Eyssell

Jim Keys

Michael Ferguson

Robert Kleinman

Deborah Ann Ford

David Kuipers

Jim Forjan

Morris A. Lamberson

Micah Frankel

John Lightstone

Jason Lin

Robert Schwebach

Robert Lutz

Roger Severns

Timothy Manuel

Dilip K. Shome

David G. Martin

Neil W. Sicherman

Dubos J. Masson

Timothy Smaby

Gordon Melms

Vic Stanton

Richard R. Mendenhall

Charlene Sullivan

Wayne Mikkelson

George S. Swales, Jr.

Lalatendu Misra

John G. Thatcher

Karlyn Mitchell

Harry Thiewes

Scott Moore

A. Frank Thompson

Michael J. Murray

Joseph Trefzger

Bulent Parker

Michael R. Vetsuypens

Megan Partch

Joe Walker

Samuel Penkar

James Washam

Pamela P. Peterson

Alan Weatherford

Robert Phillips

Marsha Weber

George A. Racette

Jill Wetmore

Narendar V. Rao

Mark White

Russ Ray

Annie Wong

Ron Reiber

David J. Wright

Thomas Rietz

Steve B. Wyatt

Jay R. Ritter

Michael Young

Ricardo J. Rodriguez

J. Kenton Zumwalt

Gary Sanger

Tom Zwirlein

Martha A. Schary

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