Exchange Rates

The New York foreign exchange mid-range rates belov* epply to trading among banks in amounts of $1 million and more, as quoted at 4 p.m. Eastern tinne by Reuters sncf other sources. Retail transactions provide fewer units of foreign currency per dollar. Rates for the 12 Euro currency countries arc derived from the latest dollar-euro rate using the eK change ratios set 1/1/99


Atgenlina (Peso)

Australia (Dollar).,

Austria ISchiliig)

Mirain (Dinar)

Belgium (Franc)

Brazil peal)

Britain (Pound)

1-month tor.vart

Smooths forward

5-months forward

Canada (Dollar)

1-moiih tart

3-months forward

Smorrttis forward

Ctech. Rep. IKoninal

Denmark (Krone)

Finland (Markka)

Frame (Franc)

1-rnaitfi forward

3-itinnllts forward

5-rrDnthE forward

Germany (Mark)

1-month forward

3-irontis toward

6-rM>nths forward

Greece (Drachma)

Hong Kong (Dollar)

Hungary (Forlitt) 003518

India (Rnpee)

Indonesia (Rnpiah) 0C01112

Ireland IPunt)

Italy (Ura) 00045B7





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