Bonds And Bond Valuation

When a corporation (or government) wishes to borrow money from the public on a long-term basis, it usually does so by issuing or selling debt securities that are generi-cally called bonds. In this section, we describe the various features of corporate bonds

Ross et al.: Fundamentals I III. Valuation of Future I 7. Interest Rates and Bond I I © The McGraw-Hill of Corporate Finance, Sixth Cash Flows Valuation Companies, 2002

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202 PART THREE Valuation of Future Cash Flows and some of the terminology associated with bonds. We then discuss the cash flows associated with a bond and how bonds can be valued using our discounted cash flow procedure.


The stated interest payment made on a bond.

face value

The principal amount of a bond that is repaid at the end of the term. Also, par value.

coupon rate

The annual coupon divided by the face value of a bond.

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