Agreements to Avoid Bankruptcy

When a firm defaults on an obligation, it can avoid a bankruptcy filing. Because the legal process of bankruptcy can be lengthy and expensive, it is often in everyone's best interest to devise a "workout" that avoids a bankruptcy filing. Much of the time, creditors can work with the management of a company that has defaulted on a loan contract. Voluntary arrangements to restructure or "reschedule" the company's debt can be and often are made. This may involve extension, which postpones the date of payment, or composition, which involves a reduced payment.

Ross et al.: Fundamentals VI. Cost of Capital and 17. Financial Leverage and of Corporate Finance, Sixth Long-Term Financial Capital Structure Policy

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Ross et al.: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Sixth Edition, Alternate Edition

VI. Cost of Capital and Long-Term Financial Policy

17. Financial Leverage and Capital Structure Policy

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