Appendix B

Key Equations B-1

Appendix C

Answers to Selected End-of-Chapter Problems C

Index I

Chapter 1

Clifford W. Smith, Jr. University of Rochester On Market Incentives for Ethical Behavior

Chapter 4

Robert C. Higgins University of Washington On Sustainable Growth

Chapter 7

Edward I. Altman New York University On Junk Bonds

Chapter 10

Samuel C. Weaver Lehigh University On Capital Budgeting at Hershey Foods Corporation

Chapter 12

Roger Ibbotson Yale University On Capital Market History

Richard Roll University of California at Los Angeles On Market Efficiency

Chapter 14

Robert C. Merton Harvard University On Applications of Option Analysis

Chapter 15

Samuel C. Weaver Lehigh University

On Cost of Capital and Hurdle Rates at Hershey Foods


Chapter 16

Jay R. Ritter University of Florida On IPO Underpricing Around the World

Chapter 17

Merton H. Miller

On Capital Structure—M&M 30 Years Later

Chapter 18

Fischer Black

On Why Firms Pay Dividends

Chapter 23, Alternate Edition

Charles W. Smithson Rutter Associates On Financial Risk Management

Chapter 25, Alternate Edition

Michael C. Jensen Harvard University On Mergers and Acquisitions

Ross et al.: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Sixth Edition, Alternate Edition

I. Overview of Corporate Finance

1. Introduction to Corporate Finance

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