Piepkorn Manufacturing Working Capital Management

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Short-Term Financial Planning

16,1 Tracing Cash and Net Working Capital 488

16.2 The Operating Cycle and the Cash Cycle 490

Defining Ihe Operating and Cash Cycles 490 The Operating Cycle 491 The Cash Cycle 491 The Operating Cycle and Ihe Firm's Organizational Chart 492

Calculating the Operating and Cash Cycles 493 The Operating Cycle 493 The Cash Cycle 494 Inlerpreting Ihe Cash Cycle 495

16.3 Some Aspects of Short-Term Financial Policy 497

The Size of ihe Firm's Investment in Current Assets 497 Alternative Financing Policies for Current Assets 499 Which Financing Policy Is Best? 501 Curreni Assets and Liabilities m Practice 502

16.4 The Cash Budget 503

Sales and Cash Colleclions 503 Cash Ou if lows 504 The Cash Balance 504

16.5 Short-Term Borrowing 506

Unsecured Loans 506 Secured Loans 506 Accounts Receivable Financing 506 Inventory Loans 507 Other Sources 507

16 6 A Short-Term Financial Plan 508

Summary and Conclusions 509

Chapter Review and Self-Test Problems 509

Answers to Chapter Review and Self-Test Problems 510

Critical Thinking and Concepts Review 511

Questions and Problems 512

What's on the Web? 517

Chapter Case: Piepkorn Manufacturing Working Capital Management, Part 1 518

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