Internet exercises

1 Visit the website of Corporate Governance,, to view recent developments on the relationship between a corporation's management and its stakeholders. In the light of recent accounting scandals in corporate America, list three proposed solutions to fix corporate governance practices. Visit the website of the European Corporate Governance Institute,, to view codes and principles of corporate governance for European countries. Choose a country or region and list five principles and/or recommendations on corporate governance. Explain how these European practices are similar to or different from existing practices in the USA.

2 Select one country of your choice from the "County-at-a-Glance" table of the World Bank ( to answer the following questions: What is the population? What is the currency? What is the GNI per capita? How has the GDP changed in the past 3 years? Is this country a net importer or exporter? How much is the trade in goods as a share of GDP? What is the amount of foreign direct investment?

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