Internet exercises

1 Using Moody's Investor services,, and Standard & Poor's ratings,, obtain the sovereign debt ratings for two countries of your choice.

2 Visit the website of the Heritage Foundation ( or that of the Internet

Center for Corruption Research ( to answer the following questions:

(a) Use the link to the Heritage Foundation to name the five most economically free countries and the five least economically free countries.

(b) Use the Internet Research for Corruption Research to name the five most corrupt countries and the five least corrupt countries.

(c) International capital flows: public and private major multinational organizations (some of which are listed below) attempt to track the relative movements and magnitudes of global capital investment. Using these websites and others that you may find, prepare a two-page executive briefing on the question of whether capital generated in the industrialized countries is finding its way to the less developed and emerging markets. Is there some critical distinction between "less developed" and "emerging" countries?

The World Bank


European Bank for Reconstruction

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