A = Annuity r = Discount Rate n = Number of years

Accordingly, the notation we will use in the rest of this book for the present value of an annuity will be PV(A,r,n).

To illustrate, assume again that you are have a choice of buying a copier for $10,000 cash down or paying $ 3,000 a year, at the end of each year, for 5 years for the same copier. If the opportunity cost is 12%, which would you rather do?

Sell Your Annuity

Sell Your Annuity

Do you have annuity you dont want? Discover When is it Time to Sell Your Annuity? What can I do? Where can I get the money I need? I have an annuity, but I dont know that I can sell it. Is there a good time to sell my annuity? I already have a home improvement loan, but it was used before the roof needed replacing.

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