Resource Guide

In order to make the learning in this book as interactive and current as possible, we will employ a variety of devices:

• The first are illustrative examples using the four companies described above, where we will apply corporate finance principles to these firms. These examples will be preceded by the symbol ^

• The second are spreadsheet programs that can be used to do some of the analysis that will be presented in this book. For instance, there are spreadsheets that calculate the optimal financing mix for a firm as well as valuation spreadsheets. These will be

§2, preceded by the symbol

• The third supporting device we will use are updated data on some of the inputs that we need and use in our analysis that is available on the web site for this book. Thus, when we estimate the risk parameters for firms, we will draw attention to the data set that is maintained on the web site that reports average risk parameters by industry.

These data sets will be preceded by the symbol

• At regular intervals, we will also stop and ask readers to answer questions relating to a topic. These questions, which will generally be framed using real world examples, will help emphasize the key points made in a chapter. They will be preceded by the symbol ^

• Finally, we will introduce a series of boxes titled "In Practice", which will look at issues that are likely to come up in practice and ways of addressing these issues. These will be preceded by the symbol

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