Gaining Agreement On Values And Practices

When the groups have completed this task, the work session then goes on to a series of re-groupings and consolidations to arrive, after a few hours, at an agreed-on set of practices that the management group feels are critical to make the values come alive. The logistics of this consolidation activity depend on the size of the overall group, but the task should be achieved by mid-afternoon of the second day.

It is almost impossible to over-rate the power of this component of the session and the energy and focus it will create among the managers. This is usually the first time that the full management group will have had any open and shared discussion about how they need to manage and behave to fully and successfully make their values a real part of organizational life.

During this work session, it is appropriate and important to allow the group to suggest additional values that they may feel the executive group overlooked and that they feel are vital to the organization. Should they wish to add a value, the managers can make their case to the members of the executive group in attendance, who will decide whether or not it should be included.

This activity of the All-Managers Session closes with a final report from group spokespeople championing each of the values and specifying the practices that have been agreed on. This is followed by an open forum, chaired by the executive team, for open airing of any questions, issues, or concerns that may have come up.

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