Cultural Due Diligence and Assessment

pART 2 OF THIS BOOK consists of two chapters:

• Chapter 4: Overview of Cultural Due Diligence

• Chapter 5: Performing Cultural Due Diligence

Chapter 4 provides an overview of the Cultural Due Diligence (CDD) process that we recommend. In this chapter we discuss traditional due diligence, make a case for inclusion of CDD, discuss off-the-shelf versus customized cultural assessment tools, present our customized CDD model and its deliverables, and discuss due diligence and legal restrictions and retention of key personnel.

In Chapter 5 we discuss the importance of both quantitative and qualitative data in the CDD process and walk through the twelve domains of our CDD model, providing examples of each domain.

Figure I.2 provides an outline of the due diligence activities we recommend and follow in our own practice.




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