Acquirer self-assessment, 55 Alignment. See Cultural alignment All-Managers Sessions: communicating results of, 103-104; described, 99-100^g; developmental streams of activities during, 107-108; Feedback-Based Management Planning Sessions following, 105-107, 106^g; follow-up sessions to, 109^g-110; gaining agreement on values/practices, 102-103; gaining clarity on organizational direction during, 100-101; individual action plans developed during, 109; Tiger Teams used during, 104^g-105; values/practices reviewed during, 101-102^g. See also Cultural alignment All-Staff sessions: "Case for Change" presentation during, 113-115; design and activities for, 111-112^g; sample agenda for, 112e; work-process reengineering sessions of, 115^g-116 AMOCO, 20 Andrade, G., 9 AOL/Time Warner, 1 Athos, 18

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