Guidance to the student how to measure your progress

Now you have reached the end of the chapter your work is not yet over! It is very unlikely that you have fully understood everything after one read through. What you should do now is:

■ Check back over the learning intentions at the start of the chapter. Do you feel you have achieved them? For example, can you list the various different data types you should be able to recognise (the first learning outcome)?

■ Read the chapter summary below to help put things in context. You should recognise each topic and be aware of the main issues, techniques, etc. within them. There should be no surprises or gaps!

■ Read the list of key terms. You should be able to give a brief and precise definition or description of each one. Do not worry if you cannot remember all the formulae (though you should try to memorise simple ones such as that for the mean).

■ Try out the problems (most important!). Answers to odd-numbered problems are at the back of the book, so you can check your answers.

From all of this you should be able to work out whether you have really mastered the chapter. Do not be surprised if you have not - it will take more than one reading. Go back over those parts where you feel unsure of your knowledge. Use these same learning techniques for each chapter of the book.

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