Onetime nonrecurring gains due to dividends received or trading gains

CFO technically includes two cash flow items that analysts often re-classify into cash flow from financing (CFF): (1) dividends received from investments and (2) gains/losses from trading securities (investments that are bought and sold for short-term profits). If you find that CFO is boosted significantly by one or both of these items, they are worth examination. Perhaps the inflows are sustainable. On the other hand, dividends received are often not due to the company's core operating business and may not be predictable. And gains from trading securities are even less sustainable. They are notoriously volatile and should generally be removed from CFO (unless, of course, they are core to operations, as with an investment firm). Further, trading gains can be manipulated: management can easily sell tradable securities for a gain prior to year-end, thus boosting CFO.

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