Suggested Reading Plans

The organization of this book allows you to read those portions most relevant to the work you are doing at present, in particular:

• Regardless of whether you are new to business economics or a veteran, read the brief

"Maxims of Business Economics" on page 15.

• If you are new to the use of simulation models, it is best to start at the beginning. Go through the chapters that explain the MATLAB and Simulink environment, how to get your data, and creating and using library functions. Then jump to the most interesting application chapters.

• If you are focused on one type of application and have a working familiarity with

MATLAB or Simulink, finish this chapter and then jump straight to the application chapters. Be prepared to review information in the earlier chapters or in the appendices.

• If you are currently using MATLAB or Simulink and are looking for suggested approaches or troubleshooting information, scan the chapters on troubleshooting in the appendices, any relevant application chapters, and the early chapters on design guidelines, getting your data, and library functions.

• If you want to learn about using MATLAB and Simulink on the Internet, jump to that chapter but be prepared to refer to other areas.

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