Disclaimers and Limitations

It is unfortunate, but our litigious society requires even those that provide products free to outline certain limitations and disclaimers, which we do below:

• While it is the author's intention to provide the business economics toolbox, we do not guarantee that the files will be available indefinitely, that they will work on specific computer platforms, or that a fee will not be charged for a license at some future date.

• The author may require the endorsement or acceptance of a license as a condition for providing the toolbox and to make further restrictions, including restrictions on reproduction or resale.

• Acquiring a license for the toolbox does not entitle a reader to a license for MATLAB, and vice versa.

• Neither purchase of the book nor downloading the toolbox qualifies the reader for technical assistance or help of any kind.

• Any downloaded files are provided with no warranty, including no warranty of fitness or merchantability. Users assume all risks of use.

• The author may provide the toolbox in compressed format, require verification of book purchase, charge an additional fee to unlock the code, or rely on an intermediary (such as the publisher or The MathWorks) to provide the toolbox.

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