Customizing the Application

If a straightforward SPC analysis was all that was desired, specific SPC packages could probably accomplish the same goal with less expense. However, in other cases, the advantages of using MATLAB would outweigh the additional cost.

You could customize this application to fit specific production processes and goals, using any of the following methods:

1. Selecting specific SPC routines, based on the control process selected for the specific production process

2. Customizing the graphical output, for example, by adding additional text boxes, subplotting multiple plots, or providing more informative titles and annotations

3. Specifying the tolerances allowed, sample sizes, and other standards

4. Catching poor data or likely measurement errors

5. Recording the data or tests either by an automatic diary entry or through a user-selected routine

6. Providing historical data in graphical form

7. Creating a custom graphical user interface

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