Calculation Problems

One of the fundamental advantages of Simulink is the ability to visualize the model and see the data at various steps along the way. However, unless you carefully build into the model the correct data, and then check to see you are using the data properly, you will still make mistakes.


If the simulation model runs fine, but produces numbers that do not seem right, you may have calculation problems.

Troubleshooting Steps

Try the following steps:

1. Check all the source blocks to see if they reference the correct variables.

2. Check the values of the variables and their dimensions (scalar, vector, and matrix). You can do this in the MATLAB command window or with the data browser.

3. Check the time parameters and other simulation parameters.

4. Use scopes, plotting, and display blocks to trace the value of the signals along the entire path of the simulation.

5. Check to ensure that the inports and outports of each subsystem are correctly labeled and properly connected.

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