Business Applications for SVG Images

Our experience with this technology resulted in the first known commercial Web application using interactive SVG images. This interactive SVG image of telephone exchange areas appeared on the Anderson Economic Group Web site in October 2000. It allowed the user with a standard Web browser to zoom in, zoom out, and click on telephone exchange areas to find out more information about service costs.

Since then we have produced similar interactive images showing election results in Michigan and across the nation, telecommunication service areas, student performance data by school district in Pennsylvania and Michigan, development of coastline areas in Virginia, tourist and business information for visitors to cities, green power generation facilities in Michigan, and other similar applications.

Using SVG Applications Today

MATLAB in past versions has not included a native SVG print utility. However, there are a number of options available for incorporating the SVG images in your work, including:407

1. Purchase an SVG print utility that can be used in MATLAB and other programs, such as SVGmaker, or a toolkit such as Apache Batik.

2. Purchase an image editing program that can translate among various file types; these include Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and The Graphics Connection.

3. License a suite of SVG tools which allow for extensive interactivity for Web users and programming and data support for the provider. The pioneer product in this field is SmartMaps, now offered by Universal Map.408

The available options are growing, and we recommend that users considering applications that will generate images for use on the Web consider the advantages of this graphic format.

407 The software list here is illustrative, not exhaustive, and the author makes no warranty about their performance in specific applications.

408 Universal Map purchased the distribution rights to the software that was used to develop the first commercial SVG application noted above. Their Web site is Anderson Economic Group no longer offers support for SVG appllications, but some examples may be found at their Website at: For information on the other products listed above, see the Websites for the supplier of each product. As this field is rapidly developing, interested users should search for newer products as well.

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