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Summary And Conclusions

Corporate financial planning should not become a purely mechanical activity. If it does, it will probably focus on the wrong things. In particular, plans all too often are formulated in terms of a growth target with no explicit linkage to value creation, and they frequently are overly concerned with accounting statements. Nevertheless, the alternative to financial planning is stumbling into the future. Perhaps the immortal Yogi Berra (the baseball catcher, not the cartoon character) put it best when he said, Ya gotta watch out if you don't know where you're goin'. You just might not get there. 2

Antitrust Legislation

Cartoon Robinson Patman Act

Although antitrust laws have contributed enormously to improving the degree of competition in our system, they have not been a complete success. A sizable number of citizens would like to see these laws broadened to cover professional baseball teams, labor unions, and professional organizations. Without the antitrust legislation that now exists, however, our economy would be worse off in the end.

Accepting and managing losses are part of their game

Another great example of the statistical mindset Dennis and Eckhardt were teaching the Turtles can be found in baseball. Assume you bat .300 for ten years straight. All of a sudden you go 0 for 25. Does that mean you are no longer a .300 batter No. It means you still have to go up to the plate and swing like you've always swung, because that's the discipline of being a .300 hitter. The Turtles played the odds for the long haul.

Collectibles as Investments

It used to be that trading in collectibles such as baseball cards, art, and old toys occurred mostly at auctions, swap meets, and collectible shops, all of which were limited to regional traffic. However, with the growing popularity of online auctions such as eBay, trading in collectibles has expanded 1o an international arena, The most visible form of collectible is probably the baseball card, but Furbies, Beanie Babies, and Pok mon cards have been extremely hot collectibles in ihe recent past. However, it's not just fad items that spark interest from collectors virtually anything of sentimental value from days gone by is considered collectible, and, more and more, collectives are being viewed as investments.

How Real Are The Numbers

The analogy between business and athletics extends to the fact, which is apparent to any close observer, that superior skills and teamwork alone do not win championships. A baseball manager can intimidate the umpire by heatedly protesting a call on the basepaths, hoping thereby to have the next close ruling go in his team's favor. A corporation has the power to fire its auditor, and may use that power to influence accounting decisions that are matters of judgment, rather than clear-cut reporting standards. A baseball team's front office can shorten the right-field fence in its home stadium to favor a lineup stocked with left-handed power hitters a corporation's management can select the accounting method that shows its results in the most favorable light. Collectively, the team owners can urge the Rules Committee to lower the pitching mound if they believe that a predictable increase in base hits and runs will boost attendance. Similarly, a group of corporations can try to block the...

Expectation How Much Does Your Trading Method Earn in the Long

A good analogy is being a batter at the plate in a baseball game, as trades and success rates aren't much different from batters and their averages. Dennis expanded on this The average batter hits maybe .280 and the average system might be successful 35 percent of the time. 4

Rules for the Proper Use of Multipliers

125 The construction of the new Comerica Park in Detroit directly resulted in the abandonment of Tiger Stadium known as the queen of diamonds for its illustrious history and close-to-the-field fan experience as a venue for professional baseball. The construction of Ford Field nearby caused the City of Pontiac to seek proposals for the reuse (and possible demolition) of the Silverdome. Chicago's new Comiskey Park opened in 1991 across the street from the old Comiskey Park where the White Sox had played since 1910. It was then demolished. The great Detroit Red Wings teams of the 1950s played at the Olympia. When the modern Joe Louis Arena was built, the Olympia was demolished. The Joe, however, has since hosted more championship teams. As of this writing, Comerica Park, Ford Field, and Comiskey Park are still waiting.

You Are Serving On A Jury. A Plaintiff Is Suing The City For Injuries Sustained After A Freak Street Sweeper Accident.

Calculating Present Values. 2001 was a very good salary year for baseball players. In addition to Alex Rodriguez's contract. Manny Ramirez signed an 8-year contract reported to be worth SJ60 million. Including a deferred signing bonus, he would receive 16 million in 2001, 18.5 million in 2002. 21 million in 2003, 23.5 million in 2004, 23 million in 2005, 20 million in 2006. 1S million in 2007. and 20 million in 2008. If the appropriate interest rate is 11 percent, what kind of deal did the outfielder catch Assume the first payment is made immediately, and the next payment occurs in cxactly one year.

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

What do Bengie Molina, Vernon Wells, and Barry Baked Ziti Zito have in common All three baseball players signed big pro contracts at the end of 2006. For example, the value of Bengie's contract with the San Francisco Giants was reported as 16 million. Not bad, especially for someone who makes a living using the tools of ignorance (jock jargon for a catcher's equipment), but not as good as Barry or Vernon, both of whom signed deals worth a reported 126 million.

Computing Npv Projecting Cash Flows

No one expects these forecasts to be perfect. Paraphrasing the famous words of baseball player Yogi Berra, making predictions is very difficult, especially when they are about the future However, when investors choose among various investments, they too must make predictions. As a financial analyst, you want the quality of your forecasts to be on a par with the quality of the forecasts made by investors. Essentially, the job of the financial analyst is to estimate how investors will value the project, because the value of the firm will rise if investors decide that the new project creates wealth and will fall if investors conclude that the project destroys wealth. If the investors have reason to believe that sales will be 7 million per year, then that would be the correct forecast to use in the capital budgeting analysis. Investors have to cope with uncertainty in their forecasts. Similarly, the financial analyst conducting a capital budgeting analysis must tolerate the same level of...

Probability Statements

Modeled as probability statements.369 Insurance underwriting is obviously an evaluation of probabilities. So is investing in real estate, choosing which tickets to purchase in a theatre or baseball season, choosing a restaurant, voting in an election, choosing to pursue a new business venture, closing down a money-losing subsidiary, and deciding to keep fishing when the sun goes down and the mosquitoes come out.

Example 182 Inside Ownership and Firm Value

Unfortunately, it is difficult to interpret the evidence on the relation between value creation and ownership concentration because the ratio of a firm's market value to its book value, which is used in these studies as a measure of value creation, measures more than how well the firm is managed. For example, firms with substantial intangible assets, such as patents and brand names, may have high market-to-book ratios even if they are poorly managed. Similarly, well-managed firms may have relatively low market-to-book ratios because they own few intangible assets. Perhaps management ownership is related to market-to-book ratios because there are more benefits attached to the control of intangible assets. We would expect, for instance, that it would be a great deal more fun to own a controlling interest in a baseball team or a movie studio, where most assets are intangible, than a copper mine, where most assets are tangible.

Checking for Ominous Skies in the Auditors Report

The value of analyzing a financial report depends on the accuracy of the report's numbers. Understandably, top management wants to present the best possible picture of the business in its financial report. The managers have a vested interest in the profit performance and financial condition of the business their yearly bonuses usually depend on recorded profit, for instance. As I mention several times in this book, the top managers and their accountants prepare the financial statements of the business and write the footnotes. This situation is somewhat like the batter in a baseball game calling the strikes and balls. Where's the umpire

Differences In Perspectives

Traditionally, managers have measured performance based almost solely on financial results. But concentrating on financial results alone is analogous to a baseball player, in hopes of playing well, focusing solely on the scoreboard. Both the game score and financial measures reflect the results of past decisions. Achieving success when playing baseball and when managing a business requires that considerable attention be placed on actionable steps for effectively competing in the stadium, whether it is the baseball stadium or the global marketplace. The baseball player must focus on hitting, fielding, and pitching the company must focus on performing well in activities such as customer service, product development, manufacturing, marketing, and delivery. Performance measurement for improving the conduct of these activities requires tracking of statistical data about the actionable steps that the activities involve.4


1-22 Assume that you are employed by a law firm as a staff accountant. The firm has purchased four season tickets for the Colorado Rockies (a baseball franchise). Your boss, one of the partners in the firm, has offered individual tickets to you, but also asked you to pay 10 for each ticket. Since they are 14 tickets, you are happy to get a bargain. You are even happier to get a chance to go to the game because tickets are in short supply.

Its a Small World

Dennis's Turtle experiment proved, all things being equal, that his students could learn to trade to make millions. However, all things being equal, after they learned the right trading rules to make those millions, if they did not exhibit, like Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz does in baseball, a walk-off home run mentality every day, they would fail. Great training alone was not enough to win for the long run. In the end, a persistent drive for winning combined with a healthy dose of courage would be mandatory for Dennis's students' long-term survival.

The Classroom

Crossing the emotional hump, whether in trading or baseball, is reaching that point at which you are intellectually and emotionally challenged and respond by saying, I can do it. Between Dennis's reputation and the self-confidence that came from being chosen from over a thousand applicants, the Turtles crossed that hump with ease. The bottom line was that two trading superstars had selected them as students. Motivation was a given. That same kind of aura surrounded Jim Leyland, manager of the 2006 pennant-winning Detroit Tigers baseball team. This was a team that only a few years prior had lost over a hundred games in one year a horrendous record. But now they had a manager, Leyland, in whom everyone believed. There wasn't a Detroit Tiger who didn't suddenly feel like he could deliver in the clutch. If I walk in there tomorrow and find my name and I'm batting cleanup, I'd expect to get a hit, pitcher Todd Jones said. And, of course, pitchers are not counted on to hit

Whos on First

A good method to use to remember strategies and techniques is to give them a familiar name. Borrowing the title from Abbott and Costello's classic baseball story, Who's on First , the organization chart of the major players and their responsibilities for Dinner la Heart, our example from the Introduction, is an excellent way to follow how an event is produced. Please refer to Exhibit 4.1, the Organization and Responsibility chart. This chart can be modified for any special event. Its main purpose is to construct a frame around the event that volunteers can use to attach their responsibilities. When planning many special events, the budget projections would be made before the recruitment of lay leaders. Dinner la Heart is differ


The collectibles category is a catchall for antiques, art, autographs, baseball cards, clocks, coins, comic books, diamonds, dolls, gems, photographs, rare books, rugs, stamps, vintage wine, and writing utensils in other words, any material object that, through some kind of human manipulation, has become more valuable to certain humans.

Edo Fv

We will close out this section by answering the question we posed concerning baseball player Barry Zito's contract at the beginning of the chapter. Recall the contract called for a S10 million salary in 2007, 14.5 million in 2008. 18.5 million per year in 2009 through 2011, 19 million in 2012, 20 million in 2013, and a guaranteed 7 million in 2014. If 12 percent is the appropriate interest rate, what kind of deal did the San Francisco Giants pitch to Barry

Venture Capital

6 The terminology 20 bagger comes from Peter Lynch, the former manager of the Fidelity Magellan Fund. He often referred to a stock in baseball terms. Therefore, a two-bagger was a stock that doubled your money, a three-bagger tripled your money, and so on. A 20-bagger indicates a company that appreciates in value twenty-fold compared to the cost of the venture capital investment.

Model Greatness

Think about the annual drafts of professional sports teams. They demonstrate this same inability to screen candidates for mental toughness. For example, every year college stars get drafted with much fanfare. Every year at least one significant stud, one can't miss prospect, fails. Look how many thousands of great college players never make it to the NFL, NBA, or Major League Baseball. Something separates pretenders from contenders. Innate talent alone is never enough.


2-13 A professional baseball player signs a contract for next season to play for the Colorado Rockies. The contract includes payment terms of 7,000,000 over the next two years. The player receives an extra signing bonus of 1,000,000. How should each of these two amounts be recorded by the Rockies Note that the 7,000,000 is contingent on the player making the team.

Baseball For Boys

Baseball For Boys

Since World War II, there has been a tremendous change in the makeup and direction of kid baseball, as it is called. Adults, showing an unprecedented interest in the activity, have initiated and developed programs in thousands of towns across the United States programs that providebr wholesome recreation for millions of youngsters and are often a source of pride and joy to the community in which they exist.

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